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Our gift e-cards are the perfect way to send a gifts to your friends and loved ones instantly! Simply choose the card you want, enter the amount you'd like to spend, and send it off - it's that easy!


Do the Gift e-Cards expire?

Gift e-Cards are good for 1 Year from purchase date.

How do I check if I received a Gift e-Card?

To confirm that you have received an e-Card, you will have to view your Inbox or Junk Mail (depends on your email settings). You will notice an email with the subject "(John Smith)" sent you a Coastal Gifts Inc. Gift e-Card." (John Smith is used for

What is the return/refund policy for Gift e-Cards?

Gift e-Cards are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a refund due to the nature of the electronic product.

Can I cancel my Gift e-Card order?

Gift e-Card orders cannot be cancelled once it has been processed and payment has been deducted from the sender's credit/debit card.

What is the difference between Gift e-Cards and physical Gift Cards?

Gift e-Cards are sent electronically via e-mail from Sender to Recipient. Gift e-Cards can be redeemed for merchandise found on our website only, They cannot go towards a purchase at any of our other retail websites.

What if I entered the recipient's email address incorrectly?

To make sure that you do not send Gift e-Card to the incorrect email address, you must enter the desired email address twice to avoid any mistakes at the time of the order. However, if the email address was incorrect and you wish to resend it to the

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